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Whether you’ve already made your purchase or you want a summary of the process before starting, these are the steps to integrate

Before you begin

After contract signing, the Support Team will provide your Site IDs in a customized integration checklist. We’ll provision one “sandbox” Site ID for testing in your pre-production environment(s).

Review your contract to determine which features you will integrate.


Setting up your dashboard, with tracking code & metadata, sets the foundation for all other features. dashboard displaying pageviews
Step 1: Add tracking code to trigger pageviews and to enable all other features dashboard displaying metadata
Step 2: Add metadata to enrich your dashboard and enable filters
  1. Install tracking code with one of the following:
  2. Send Metadata and connect Network Syndication (if desired when tracking multiple domains)
  3. Test your pageviews & validate your metadata

Other Tools

These features come with all contracts and require no additional integration:


  1. Choose one:
  2. Test


  1. Choose one:
  2. Test

Video Tracking

  1. Integrate
  2. Test


  • Google AMP
  • Apple News – Email the Apple News Team with the following information:
    • Endpoint URL:
    • Account ID*: {Domain, in format of:}
    • Dashboard ID*: { Site ID}
    • *Note: your Account ID and Dashboard ID are usually the same value
  • Mobile App Tracking
  • SmartNews (is not its own channel, but is available via a variety of channels)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Choose one:


  1. Access your API Secret from your dashboard
  2. Read our API documentation to get started
  3. Have API and WordPress? Add your API Secret for Content Helper: in WordPress

Data Pipeline (DPL)

  1. Tell us your designated person to receive credentials
  2. Read our DPL documentation to get started

Review your Integration

  1. Download our Getting Started Guide
  2. Invite your team
  3. Click around, tune your setup, adjust your preferences, troubleshoot, get help
  4. Schedule a call with your Relationship Manager to review and schedule training

Last updated: September 21, 2023