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The API: Overview, options and use

Learn how to serve personalized, customized content immediately with our AI-powered API. The API offers endpoints for interacting with data in several ways.

Admins can access the API Settings by navigating to the Account👤 menu in the Dashboard top bar.

Before you begin

Ensure that you’ve purchased the API by reviewing your contract. Contact your Relationship Manger with questions.

We cover the foundation of our API and provide instructions for making your first query

Understand the different endpoints that offers

Metrics, Date/Time Parameters
Take a look at the metrics you can access as well as date/time parameters that you can pair in queries

Learn more about how the API can serve personalized content recommendations or recommendations around trending content

Custom Metadata
See how to provide custom metadata values via API calls

Our Approach
Technical details about’s approach to RESTful APIs

Our API terms of use and other agreements

Read more about our API and its use cases on our blog.

Last updated: February 21, 2024