Skip to content servers and infrastructure is hosted using enterprise-class server infrastructure and cloud services.

Our primary data processing backend is hosted using Amazon Web Services. Likewise for our web crawlers, API servers, and dashboard web application servers.

We also use Amazon’s bulk data processing (Elastic Map/Reduce) and archival data storage (S3).

Our infrastructure will automatically select the nearest edge server to your visitors based on geographic proximity. We take latency and uptime of our data collection services very seriously, and publish public uptime reports.

We use a global DNS and CDN provider for all of our data collection and JavaScript code serving. You can see a full list of our edge locations here:

United States

– Atlanta, GA

– Ashburn, VA

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

– Hayward, CA

Jacksonville, FL

– Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

– New York, NY

Newark, NJ

– Palo Alto, CA

San Jose, CA

– Seattle, WA

South Bend, IN

– St. Louis, MO



– Dublin

– Frankfurt

– London

– Madrid

– Milan

– Marseille, France

– Paris, France

– Stockholm

– Warsaw


– Chennai, India

– Hong Kong

– Mumbai, India

– Manila

– Osaka

– Seoul

– Singapore

– Taipei

– Tokyo

South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil

– Rio de Janiero, Brazil



– Melbourne

Last updated: May 17, 2024