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The Usage page is available for admins to monitor adoption of across their team. We’ve designed this section to help you understand how often your team accessed the dashboard and reporting suite in the past 30 days.

Looking for your billable metrics? See our Billing guide.

Location in dashboard

  1. Log into your dashboard.
  2. Select the Site ID you want to review (this feature is not available at the Network level).
  3. Click on the silhouette icon 👤 to access the Account menu in the top bar.
  4. Select “ Usage”.

What’s displayed in Usage?

We provide statistics for the last 30 days of data.

  1. Active Users – we provide a total number as well as a percentage of active / total registered users
  2. Visits – the number of times the logged into
  3. Views – the number of pages they looked at while logged into
  4. Reports run
  5. Top Users (identified by email address)
    • Reports Ran
    • Visits
    • Views
  6. Top Visited Pages, .e.g, Overview, Posts/Pages, Authors, etc.
  7. Reports
  8. Export Details link: provides xlsx file with columns: User, Date, Summary, Report, Aspect, and Schedule. Usage page showing usage statistics for the last 30 days. This view depicts: active users, visits, views, reports run, and top users. Usage page showing: top visited pages, reports, and a hyperlink labeled "Export Details"

Last updated: September 13, 2023