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Troubleshooting: Dashboard loading issues

If you can’t access the dashboard with your existing login, we’ve gathered the most common actions you can take to fix the issue. If the below doesn’t work, reach out to with an explanation of your problem and screenshots showing the error.

Log out and back in

Select the Log Out link by selecting it from the Account menu👤 in the top bar.

If you can’t see this link, you can force logout by clicking the link here:

Disable browser extensions

Browser extensions can modify how a webpage natively renders. It’s possible that an active extension is interfering with loading the dashboard.

First, log out of the dashboard, then disable all your extensions and log back in. If you can get back into the dashboard at this point, try turning your extensions back on one at a time to see which one is causing the issue.


Using incognito mode is a convenient way to try logging into the dashboard with no extensions active. But, be sure to check that the Allow in Incognito option (referred to as Run in Private Windows in Firefox) is not selected for any of your extensions.

Delete dashboard cookies

The dashboard sets cookies to keep you logged in and store session information.

These cookies are set at the subdomain level. You can find them by searching for in your browser’s cookie storage. Once deleted, you’ll be logged out. Try logging back in to see if that resolves the issue.

Follow these steps to access specific cookies on your browser:

  • Chrome: Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > See all site data and permissions
  • Firefox: Settings > Privacy & Security > Manage Data… (under Cookies and Site Data)
  • Safari: Settings > Privacy > Manage Website Data… (under Cookies and website data)

Clear browser cache

If the dashboard has been recently updated, it’s possible that clearing your browser’s cache can fix any access issues.

Follow these steps to clear the cache for a specific URL on your browser:

  • Chrome: Open developer tools by pressing F12 or right-clicking anywhere on the current webpage and selecting Inspect. With developer tools open, click and hold the reload button until a dropdown appears and select Empty cache and hard reload.
Reload dropdown with developer tools open
  • Firefox & Safari: These browsers don’t let you clear cache for a single site without also clearing cookies for that site. To do so, follow the same steps in the Delete dashboard cookies section above.

Visit the login page at, enter in your email address, and click “Send me a magic link.” If your email is registered with a valid password, we will send you a one-time login link to your inbox. If you have multiple email addresses, ensure that you’re using the correct one.

Resetting a password through the use of a magic link.

After clicking the magic link, you should receive an email that looks like this.

Email from welcoming the user to sign in to

Reset your password

If you’ve forgotten your password and would like to reset it, visit the login page at, enter your email address, click “Use password to login”, and then click “Forgot password?”. We will send you an email.

After clicking the “Forgot password?” link, you should receive an email that looks like this.

Ensure you have access to the dashboard

It’s possible your access was revoked by the admins on the account.

Your network admins can confirm if you have access to the dashboard in question and then grant access. Our Admin Guide contains instructions on how to invite, remove, or edit user permissions. If you have access to another dashboard in your network, you can see who your admins are by visiting this page: If you don’t have access to any dashboards, ask a colleague to visit that link.

Provide them with the email you’re using to log in if you have multiple company email addresses.

Note employees cannot grant access to accounts without an admin’s express approval.

Contact the support team

If none of the above resolves the problem, reach out to support at with an explanation of the issue and screenshots showing the error.

Last updated: October 12, 2023