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What do you get with Video Tracking?

Metrics & Calculations

We offer the following these video-specific metrics:

  • Video Starts – The number of instances that a video is started. A new video start will be collected if a visitor watches a video to the end and restarts it. Pausing, resuming or scrubbing a video does not trigger additional video starts.
  • Visitors â€“ The number of visitors that started a video.
  • Total Minutes Watched â€“ The total minutes of watch time across all visitors.
  • Average Watch Time â€“ The average minutes of watch time per visitor.
  • Play Rate – The percentage of video starts divided by the number of post visitors


Within the Overview, you will see a video badge to accompany each of your pages that contains video. The badge displays the play rate. Overview listing that displays video badge

Posts / Pages

Although we normally distinguish between “posts” and “pages”, this article will use them interchangeably.

The Posts page contains a view that is similar to the Overview. Let’s look at posts that contain video. Posts page that displays post listing that features a video badge

By selecting the Videos toggle, you may filter this page to display video metrics in the same way you normally display posts. Posts page that's filtered to display videos

Post Details Page

Videos played on this page

From the previous page, you may click into a single post and see which videos were played there. Post Details page that displays the "Videos played on this page"

Pages With This Video

Likewise, you may click on a video and see which pages it was played on. Video Details page that displays the "Pages with this video"


You may also generate reports that contain video metrics. You can select the Video aspect in our Top Listings Report and Top Listings Export.

A Top Listings report that displays the Top 5 videos by video starts on

How do you get Video Tracking?

Please review our Video Tracking Integration documentation, schedule a demo, reach out to your Relationship Manager, or contact Support for help!

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Last updated: June 03, 2024