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Reports: Top Listings Export

The Top Listings Export is a CSV or XLSX file containing over 20 tracked metrics for each post, author, section, or tag, within the chosen date range. Download an example.

You can export this data in the reporting suite or directly from most listings pages.

This export contains more columns of data than the Top Listings report, making it handy for analysts who want to explore raw data on their highest-performing content.


The Top Listings Export includes relevant metadata and the following metrics:

  • Visitors
  • Views
  • Engaged Minutes
  • New Vis
  • Returning Vis
  • Views New Vis.
  • Avg. Views New Vis.
  • Views Ret. Vis.
  • Avg. Views Ret. vis.
  • Minutes New Vis.
  • Avg. Minutes New Vis.
  • Minutes Ret. Vis.
  • Avg. Minutes Ret. Vis.
  • Desktop Views
  • Mobile Views
  • Tablet Views
  • Search Refs
  • Internal refs
  • Other refs
  • Direct refs
  • Social Refs
  • Fb refs (Facebook)
  • Tw refs (Twitter)
  • Li refs (LinkedIn)
  • Pi refs (Pinterest)
  • Social Interactions
  • Fb interactions (Facebook)
  • Tw interactions (Twitter)
  • Li interactions (LinkedIn)
  • Pi interactions (Pinterest)
  • Video starts
  • Video Minutes Watched


You can customize a Top Listings Export by changing the settings when you create or edit the export.

Videos Posts Authors Sections Tags Referrers Campaigns ChannelsOnce Daily Weekly MonthlyTime Period Metric Number of listingsAuthor Lifecycle Page type Campaign Group Published date Section Tag

Last updated: June 03, 2024