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Sections are typically aligned with the top level site navigation on a publisher’s site. For example, if readers can find content on your site under Politics, Business, Finance, Local, etc., you can understand performance in each section easily. There are ways to customize the categorizations we use so please let us know if you’d like to see different classifications used for your site.

This screen, accessible via the nav bar, will list all of your sections that have received traffic in the selected time frame. Select your performance metric in “Show Sections by”. With no filters applied, the sections dashboard will show posts published at any time that are still receiving traffic in the selected time frame. You can apply a filter to only show data from posts that were published within the selected timeframe. You can also add filters to show an author’s or a tag’s performance across these sections. For example, selecting a tag filter (let’s say “Science”), you will see performance metrics for the “Science” tag across all sections.

The dashboard supports tracking of one section per URL. Additional values such as subsections or child categories can be tracked as tags, as up to 100 tags can be tracked per URL.

Wherever you have not specified a section value, we will label the post as Uncategorized.

Last updated: January 25, 2024