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API: Endpoints Overview

The API features a number of endpoints that can be called to retrieve data from the system as perform other actions.

GET /analytics/(type) Returns a list of posts, authors, sections, tags, or channels depending on the query parameters

Conversions (beta)
The beta release of’s Conversions API is designed to address two use-cases: First, to download detailed URL-level conversion metrics for ad-hoc analysis. Second, to provide a top-converting content module on your site containing a list of URLs, filtered by metadata, and ranked by conversion metrics

Manage a list of URLs that should be excluded from the results of all other API endpoints.

POST /metadata/(metadata-type) Updates the metadata for a post or video (depending on the specified metadata-type) using the received metadata dictionary. Write-once endpoint at present.

Partners’s partners API provides a means for partners to programatically create and list Site IDs (apikeys) on behalf of their customers.

Secret parameter not required. The endpoints on this page are designed to be used in-browser (called via JavaScript), so no API secret is necessary.

GET /referrers/(referrer_type) Return a list of the top referrers for a referrer type.

Secret parameter not required. Search for posts by keyword or query. These can match against full content.

GET /shares/posts Retrieve a listing of top posts by social shares across top social networks.

Top 10 or Top 25
Secret parameter not required. Returns today’s Top 10 posts or videos. This endpoint was designed to be a lightweight and fast way to access top content lists without exposing your API secret or actual metric values.

Last updated: May 31, 2024