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If you’ve installed on your site, then we recommend installing our “Open in” bookmarklet. A simple drag-and-drop will put it in your bookmarks and then one click will take you from page to Dash.

The bookmarklet is a user-friendly implementation of an API call, discussed in more detail below.

This tool is separate from our other bookmarklet for the Overlay heatmap feature.

“Open in” Bookmarklet

An animated gif depicting the drag-and-drop installation and usage of the "Open in" Bookmarklet.

In order to open any article page in

  1. Drag the “Open in” button from this page into your bookmarks bar or bookmark list
  2. Navigate to a url of interest
  3. In order to work,
  4. Click on the “Open in” link wherever you’ve saved the bookmark
    • Success: indicated by navigation to the post details page of the url you were looking at
    • Failure: most commonly caused by lack of tracking script or incorrect metadata
Open In


Alert reads “ is not loaded on this page”

To resolve, ensure that you’ve installed the tracking code on this url.

“Not Found: The requested resource was not found on this server”

  • If you’re looking at a url that’s never been crawled before, then you’ll receive this message. This happens for urls that’s never had a visitor before. Please wait for a few minutes and check again.
  • Ensure that your tracking code points to the correct Site ID and that the Site ID and domain match (by inspecting the pageview). If you’re attempting to track cross-domain, contact so we can enable this.

“Find in” API Endpoint

In addition to the bookmarklet, we also provide an API endpoint that will resolve a URL to a post info page. To use it, the syntax is as follows:<your site ID>/find?url=<place URL here>

Last updated: March 21, 2024