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Campaign Groups

A campaign group filters traffic based on a set of values. Campaign groups work with both posts and videos. If you enjoy this feature, you may also like other groupings like authors, tags, and referrers.

Learn more about Campaigns. Not seeing the campaigns tab or want to customize? Verify the Campaigns aspect is enabled within your Preferences.

Create a campaign group Dashboard, Campaigns Tab, creating a new campaign group
  1. On the Campaigns page, click Group.
  2. Click Create New Campaign Group. Dashboard, creating a new campaign group
  1. Name your group.
  2. Select Medium, Id, Content, or Term.
  3. Enter the campaign value(s).
  4. Select Any or Exclude. This refers to the campaign values.
    • Any will create a group including traffic tagged with any of the values.
    • Exclude will create a group excluding traffic tagged with any of the values.
  5. Optional: add more campaign filters.
  6. Click Save.

Filtering traffic

Groups can be applied as filters on most dashboard pages. Dashboard, selecting a campaign group
  1. On a listings or details page, click Campaign from the list of filters.
  2. Select a group and/or modify the filter as previously described.
  3. Select Apply filters

View details Dashboard, viewing campaign group
  1. On the Campaigns page, click a group.
  2. To see metrics, referrers, and posts for this group, click “Show campaign group details.”

Edit a group Dashboard, editing a campaign group
  1. On the Campaigns page, click a group.
  2. Click Edit group.

Use cases

Separate paid and non-paid traffic

Creating a group that excludes paid traffic—when a visitor lands on a piece of content from a paid promotion like a display ad, Facebook ad, or affiliate link—lets you see what content is garnering attention organically.

Fix mistakes in campaign values

Adding campaign parameters to a URL is a manual, and often error-prone process. Campaign values are case sensitive, so if you tag one article with “utm_medium=Social” and another with “utm_medium=social”, they’ll show up as different mediums in Creating a group of values can eliminate variations and attribute traffic to the right campaign.

Last updated: June 03, 2024