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Find reader patterns in your data

Use the “Show posts by:” dropdown to learn what’s working on different devices and distribution channels. Are your slideshows underperforming on mobile? Find out by using the device-type options in the dropdown along with tag or section filters. If there’s a big gap versus desktop, you may need to rethink your mobile formatting so that slideshows are a better experience.

What about social referrals? Is there a particular headline strategy that seems to be working? See if you can draw some lessons there to apply to the rest of your content.

Look at yesterday’s traffic with the “Historical” filter on the upper left to see what stories performed well and merit a follow-up. Zoom out to the past six months and see when you were driving the most traffic. If the numbers have dropped, look back at which stories were performing well and figure out how your coverage has changed since then.

Last updated: August 16, 2023