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Cut down on clickbait

In a time of coveting attention, clickbait emerged as a contentious tactic in online content. Clickbait typically involves crafting misleading headlines to lure readers into clicking on a link. They arrive; only to find content that fails to fulfill the expectations set by the title. This practice, while effective in driving short-term traffic, can erode trust and perceived value of a website over time. It’s time to find and cut down on clickbait.

By selecting one of our engaged-time metrics, you can see which sections have content that aligns with expectations. users can cut down on clickbait by using our engaged time metrics in Dash. This image depicts a selection of metrics that Dashboard users can select from.

Click on each of the following options and see how the audience is engaging with each section:

  • Avg. Engaged (Average Engaged Time)
  • New (Avg. Time New Visitors)
  • Returning (Avg. Time Returning Visitors)

If you’re seeing a section near the bottom of the list with very little engaged time, you have to question if new stories in this section are going to be worth the effort. Before making any decisions, consider other metrics that this section might contribute to such as recirculation rate and conversions.

Additional Resources

  • Read about how audience attention stacks up for different verticals in our analysis on engaged time.
  • If you’re interested in moving away from page views and into audience retention, download our Authority Report: What Impact do Loyal Readers Have on a Site?
  • If you need additional strategies to cut down on clickbait and improve engagement, contact your Relationship Manager.

Last updated: February 21, 2024