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Boost traffic with Evergreen

When you want to increase traffic, boost readership, and attract new visitors to your site, you can do more besides publishing new material. In this work-smarter-not-harder play, you can find older content that’s still relevant for today’s audience. Here we’ll discuss how to boost traffic with Evergreen content.

Evergreen Overview Report

When you configure the “Evergreen Overview Report”, we’ll send you a list of stories that have continued to draw traffic well past their publication dates.

Lifecycle Filter

You can also look for evergreen material using our lifecycle filter. This is available within our Top Listings Report.

Publish Date filter

Wherever you see our filters, you can select “Publish Date” and then our “Old” option to select content published at least one month ago.

A look at how to use the publish date filter to find evergreen content.

If you have different criteria than “older than 1 month” then you can customize this as demonstrated here:

What to do

Once you’ve identified your evergreen content and verified its relevancy, it’s time to get it in front of your readers again. Try to recirculate this content on your homepage, social media, or other distribution channels.

If you would like personalized strategic advice on how to boost traffic with your evergreen content, please contact your Relationship Manager. For technical troubleshooting, please write to

Last updated: February 21, 2024