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API: Partners endpoint use case and overview’s partners API provides a means for partners to programatically create and list Site IDs (apikeys) on behalf of their customers.

The root URL for all partner API requests is


All endpoints require an authentication query string parameter which you must contact for.

Once received, all requests are authenticated by passing this token in the ?secret=(partner_secret_key) query string parameter.

GET /(partner_name)/settings/apikeys

Returns a list of Site IDs (API keys) associated with this partner:

Sample response:

 "data": [
   "timezone": "America/New_York",
   "registration_date": "2016-08-29T14:52:06.914780",
   "apikey": "",
   "signup_date": null,
   "track_start_date": "2016-05-06T23:50:26"
   "timezone": "US/Eastern",
   "registration_date": "2016-11-24T15:12:29.761830",
   "apikey": "",
   "signup_date": "2016-11-24T15:12:29.761830",
   "track_start_date": null

Path arguments

partner_nameYour partner name which will be provided by support

POST /(partner_name)/settings/apikeys

Creates a new Site ID ( account) for the specified publisher. Users will be notified via e-mail that their account is ready and will be prompted to sign in to to create their account.

After an account is created, it is your responsibility to ensure the required tracking code and metadata are added to your customer’s site.

Sample request:

  "apikey": "",
  "admin": "",
  "timezone": "US/Eastern",
  "users": [
  "tracker_features": ["engagedtime", "video"]

Request parameters

apikeyRequired. This is your Site ID and’s unique customer identifier. This should be a domain-like value such as If you are creating an account for a user that doesn’t have their own domain name, use a subdomain such as It’s fine if does not correspond to a reachable domain.
adminRequired. E-mail address of the user who will be an admin within Admin users can invite others and control settings such as billing.
timezoneRequired. ISO-8601 timezone name.
usersOptional. An array of users to invite at the time the account is created.
tracker_featuresOptional. An array of features to enable on the tracker. Allowed values are “engagedtime”, “slots”, and “video”

Sample response:

 "data": {
  "dashboard_url": "",
  "apikey": "",
  "javascript_tracking_code": "(function(d) {var b = d.body,e = d.createElement("script"); = "parsely-cfg";e.src = "//";b.appendChild(e);})(document);",
  "html_tracking_code": "<a href="//">//</a>"

Response parameters

dashboard_urlAbsolute URL to access the dashboard.
apikeyCreated Site ID (account).
html_sync_tracking_codeCode snippet to insert in HTML.
javascript_tracking_codeLegacy code snippet to insert if pure JavaScript or DOM-free implementation (tag managers for example require a DOM-free implementation).
html_tracking_codeLegacy code snippet to insert in HTML.

Last updated: September 12, 2023