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Rebuilding historical page view data

In a rebuild, we reprocess the raw pageview data and apply the latest metadata from your site in order to update your statistics. This allows us to attach that new metadata to your old pageviews, or to correct your data in case of a processing outage.

Changes to historical data require metadata to be recollected and updated in addition to a rebuild so that the data is retroactively updated in the dashboard. Due to the time and resources they require, rebuilds can come at an additional cost. We always recommend rebuilds when significant metadata changes/updates are made across your site so that your historical data is accurate, thus providing you with the most value.

We are happy to review your rebuild needs to determine if additional costs will be incurred; please reach out to your Account Manager or

Note if you have recrawled data that is three days old or less, it will be automatically rebuilt by our system and will appear in the dashboard without a rebuild required.

That automatic rebuild runs each night and begins processing data for the third full previous day in each timezone. At midnight U.S. Eastern on a Wednesday night, for example, we will begin reprocessing all data for the previous Sunday. It takes some time for that process to run for all publishers across all time zones, and then for dashboard pages to fully update. Thus you won’t see the fully updated data in the above scenario until Friday of that week.

Last updated: August 16, 2023