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Social pageviews and sharing

One of the most popular uses of is to track “viral” traffic being driven to content on your site via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This is a popular use case because these social networks tend to result in new unique visitors to your site and tend to have a “viral coefficient” that allows your content to spread outside of its typical sphere of influence.

Dash currently provides a few facilities to track social page views and sharing activity:

Social Referrer Details

This is in Post detail pages and in the “Referrers” tab under Authors, Topics, and Sections. In this case, we show page views arriving to your site from social networks by inspecting the “HTTP referrer” header of the page view. In the case of Twitter, these are links from the domains “” or “”; for Facebook, this is; and, for LinkedIn, this is and We also have special support for links from Twitter — you can click on these and we will link you to a Twitter search page that may reveal the original tweet that resulted in the traffic.

Social Shares

This is in the Author/Shares area of the user interface. plugs into the public APIs of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to determine the average number of shares per post for each of your authors, and it also reveals a breakout of total shares for each post published by an author. This allows you to see how sharing behavior on these networks influences social traffic (page views), and allows you to quickly identify trends and gaps in your social coverage.

Top-Level Referrers Tab

If you click “Referrers” at the top of the dashboard, you can find all the Posts, Topics, Sections and Authors that are receiving traffic from specific social referrers such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This is an “inverted” look at the data that lets you recognize site-wide trends and content that is particular resonant with your social audiences.

Last updated: December 02, 2022

Last updated: December 02, 2022