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What is the Headline and how is it determined?

A screenshot from the Dashboard Overview screen. The top line is bold green text saying "A good day". This is an example of the headline.

In the top left corner of the Overview, you may notice a qualitative sentiment that stands out above the rest; this is the Headline. It is a phrase that summarizes your traffic performance for the day. Headlines

Here are the possible keywords that may appear in your headline. They are often accompanied by time of day, e.g., “A very good morning”. defaults to celebrating your high traffic volume. However, we also understand that there are times when it is tragedy that leads to high traffic on your site. Therefore, we automatically apply a selection of neutral terms when we detect unfortunate keywords in your top traffic.

Positive keywordsNeutral keywords
ExceptionalAbnormally high traffic
GreatHigh traffic
Very goodBusy
Business as usualBusiness as usual

Headline Calculations

Besides the tone of the Headlines, how do we determine the magnitude of keyword to apply?

First, we consider similar time periods, e.g., Tuesdays from midnight until now. Second, we consider standard deviation from the normal traffic flow for that day. And with this logic, we examine the last eight weeks of your data.

To help you visualize all of this, the real-time graph displays your average traffic (of this day over the previous eight weeks) as a grey area chart. You can monitor your real time traffic by watching the green line and seeing how it compares to the grey area. The Headline will provide a qualitative sentiment that compares today with your historical performance.

The real-time graph from the Dashboard.
The real-time graph

Other comparative data

There are other places besides the Headline and real-time graph to get comparative data. Our historical charts also provide for week-over-week or month-over-month comparisons.

Additionally, we’ve scattered Factoids throughout the dashboard on pages like the Overview, Posts, Authors, etc., you can hover your cursor over the metrics to get more detail about them. In the following screenshot, we can see that the average number of visitors is 383,624.75. If we hovered over “615k” we would see that there are 615,049 visitors on this day.

Factoids from the dashboard with a cursor hovering over some text to reveal a tooltip that contains numerical information.

With these values we could calculate the relative change, i.e., ((new_value – old_value) / old_value) * 100%. In this case, we calculate that ((615049-383624.75)/383624.75)*100% = 60.3%.

Want to compare more data? Check out Comparison Mode, Benchmarks, and Reports.

Last updated: September 04, 2023