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Kickoff Call

Every time a new customer asks to install, we offer this kickoff call. It’s the ideal place to align on priorities and clarify installation instructions. We will invite you via email as part of our integration process outlined here.

Who will be there (from our team)

  • Relationship Manager (RM): this is your primary point of contact. They will help you make the most of, receive product feedback, and will answer your contractural and billing questions.
  • Support: a member of our Support team will lead you through all the technical aspects of your integration. We will be here at the start and will continue to answer your questions long after completing setup.

Who should be there (from your team)

  • Technical lead — this is the individual that’s ultimately responsible for installing on your site. They are the primary audience for the installation guidance of this documentation. They usually answer questions like:
  • Business lead — this person advocates for your organization’s strategic needs. They will help us prioritize which features to install first. They understand the needs of the end user. They can answer questions like:
    • Are you already using campaign tracking with UTM or ITM parameters?
    • Do you have any forms, downloadable files, affiliate links, or anything else that you would like to track with conversions?
    • Are there any geographic regions that you want to segment? Any particular audience that you want to devote extra attention towards, e.g., subscribers?


  • Personal introductions
  • Introduction to (high level)
  • Goals
  • Installation walkthrough
  • The team will answer questions

Next steps

This call may occur at any time during the integration process. Some customers haven’t started and others are finished with setting up the Dashboard. Therefore, next steps can vary.

But generally speaking, the objective that follows this call is the completion of the basic dashboard components. This includes deployment of the tracking code on all pages and sending properly formatted metadata.

Once you are happy with the basic dashboard, contact Support to review your setup. We will look for common errors and perform testing that’s described here. We encourage you to perform your own testing as well.

Following a successful review of your dashboard, Support will recommend that your RM coordinate your pre-training call, which leads you into the next step in our process: Dashboard Training. From this point forward, you may continue installing any add-on features that you’ve purchased.

About training

Many customers are eager to receive training as soon as possible. And we want to deliver an excellent training session. To avoid conflating training time with technical troubleshooting, we first go through the quality checks noted above.

The RM will coordinate a call with our Training and Education Team. This begins with a 30-minute pre-training call with your content leadership. This allows us to tailor training that is specific to your goals, making no two training sessions the same.

If you do want some standard training right away, even before the kickoff call, we have that for you too.

Last updated: May 24, 2024